Activities: Mystery Guests

Inviting a mystery guest to your tutor blog or class blog is a great way of stimulating interest and One of the problems that some teachers have reported about blogging projects is that once the novelty of setting up a blog has passed, it's easy for things to run out of steam.

Keeping the momentum going is difficult, but there are many ways in which you can do this. All it takes is imagination, and in the case below, help from a friend.

Asking a mystery guest to post to your class blog or tutor blog can often lead to very interesting discussions - if you get the guest (who may be a relative of yours, a colleague you met online or another teacher or student in another class - up to you!) to write, then ask them to post some clues as to their identity and let the students try to guess where they come from, who they are, etc.

Here's an example of this activity on a class blog: Beeonline, which took place back in 2003
- scroll down to the beginning of the page and then work your way up to see the amount of enthusiasm (and language) that was generated.

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