Share your Students' Work

There really isn't much point in starting a blog with students if you don't want to share what they have written with other people. Who you share the blog with depends on you and your students, but there are lots of options:

  • students in the same class
  • students in other classes at the same school
  • parents and friends of the students
  • students in other classes in other parts of the world
Sebastian Delmont, a Venezuelan blogger has said "For many, blogs have become the door to the rest of the world. In writing a blog, you are inviting other people to know your life, and it is inevitable that this sentiment will be reciprocated. You ultimately read others’ blogs and discover their lives in other places."

Writing for an audience and reading other people's blogs is what this is ultimately all about. If you keep this in mind, then blogging can be a very rewarding experience for you and your students.

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